GLORY. Club Colombia

GLORY. Club Colombia

Special Edition for Christmas

On christmas 2012, for the first time ever, we launched a special limited edition gifting type bottle, for Colombians to celebrate their year achievements, which was a great innovation for Club Colombia in respect to the rest of the beer brands and placed the brand at the same level of premium alcoholic beverages usually used for gifting and celebrations.

In addition to the bottles, we designed a special package inspired on the deconstructive architecture with irregular and geometric shapes in order to give it a contemporary vision while maintaining the traditional organic and artisan brand elements.

More than 165.000 bottles were placed in the market, and the concept soon became a sales success.


Fernando Hernández, Director Creativo General
Mauricio Sarmiento, Director Creativo General
Alexis Ospina, Director Creativo
Carlos Oviedo, Director Creativo
Rafael Reina, Director Creativo
Andrés Salamanca, Redactor
Andrés López, Director de arte
Paola Torrenegra, Directora diseño industrial
Ricardo Gómez, Diseñador industrial
Inés Elvira Posada, Directora de cuenta



GLORY. Club Colombia